Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lemming Swarm

So... D'haran Empire, fun bunch of people.
After some shenanigins with a corp whose people think it was funny to canbait one of the newer dudes, thought wed throw a deck for luls against them.

Shortly after we found a Drake, Hurricane Catalyst and some others docked over in Inari, 1 system over from home, how convinient.

Instead of going in full metal rape style with BS or HACs, It was decided that lemming frigates, Meta 0 module fitted tech 1 frigates with an approximate value of the hull + about 50k isk, was to form our fleet.

The fleet was formed, 18 joined, of that 18, 11 assemled on the Inari gate
We jumped in and prepared for the righteous Jihad that was coming.

Upon landing we found that the Hurricane was 60km away, so 3 of us chased him down until he warped off.
Attention was turned towards the drones, which had promptly torn Patch385's brave punisher apart.

During this time i had caught the attention of the catalyst, to my dismay was autocannon fitted so outrunning the trakcing was no option, i disengaged to the nearest celestial, the residing planet and returned to join the fight. Before i landed however the Catalyst had been taken care of.
Myself and Dark tought the pilot to always warp your escape pod upon lsing your ship, the hard way.

Atrosity was the FC for this and made it clear that if anyone was being engaged, they were to disengage and return as the EHP of these ships were... none existant.
Atrosity popped without a chance to escape (a fate that met the majority of the fleet) and went to fetch a new ship so i took over FC duties and kept fire on the drake.

The hurricane appeared twice during the shooting, and after another attempt of attempting to catch it and it running away, Dark managed to snare it with his point and those with microwarpdrives fitted burned over and made mincemeat of the ship, we found out shortly after why the notoriously dangerous battlecruiser crumpled so quickly.
After being in PRONS for a while, the urge to pod people becomes second nature, as the pilot soon found out.

After that 30seconds of hurrs durrs and explosions and myself aquiring a new playmate for my cargohold, we burnedback and assisted the guys who were still dealing with the drake
Due to missiles flying everywhere and ships having the staying power of a shack in a tropical storm, we lost ships however due to being based next door. Reshipping was easy.

Sure enough the drake finially sudccumbed to the might of the lemming frigates and detonated spectacularly. However due to lag and even though i managed to activate my warp disruptor on the pilots pod... i didnt show up as attempting to Violence this capsule :(.

Nevertheless that was a very fun filled engagement, with many a GF exchanged in local and woots + cheers over vent, we looted the field and repped up.

Very shortly afterwards however a Moa undocks, and to our surprise doesnt re approach the station, and shortly afterwards he is bumped off, tackled and violenced without a care for what he was fitted with. Lagg once again preventing me from aquiring an entrance onto the Pod last recorded encounter.

Again we exchanged a GF in local and took a moment to chill as the adrenaline with some of the pilots was still making them jittery over comms :D.

I ran a few locators and my sources told me that a pilot by the name of Braddock1 was in Madirmilire, only a few short hops from home. We set destination and arrived then held in Niarja so our scouts could have a nosey in system and see where he is.

After around 20 minutes of waiting he appeared in station, and at the time things did not look too fruitful, so Patch and Dark, after their help in the prior engagement by holding down targets and removing their bodies from their protective egg decided to call it a night and join the Halo universe.

10 minutes after Braddock1 docked, he undocked in a Hulk and warped to a cluster of celestials containing planets Asteroid belts and stations, with fingers toes and other limbs/appendages crossed knotted and in other weird and wonderful manipulative combinations, he was in a belt, mining ore!!! How splendid!

Without further ado we warped i and said hello, and decided to take out his drones and offer him a ransom in return for his ship, sadly no reply was given so the combat impotent ship he was flying went "poof" as Peniket says... welsh folk i dont know :)

His pod was caught shortly afterwards but however no mail has been posted and no one is in possesion of the mail, I guess the corpse in my cargohold will suffice as evidence for me and those involved to know that said pilot was not let off lightly for his mistakes during a war.

Due to some confusion over the isk lost, it was revealed that Braddock had invested quite a large sum of isk in Tech 2 rigs for his Exhumer, something previously i havent heard of, i bet that must have stung his wallet shortly after his encounter with the lemmings.

After killing around half a billion isk in 3 hours in t1 frigates without around 4 million isk lost in lemmings, I decided to call it a night and logged off, along with a few others from fleet.

It certainly was great fun and i hope to do it again sometime!

2 days later, Yoda, who has a pauchon for Quoting the bible in local during times of smack from War Targets. Found another Hulk a few jumps away from home and subsequently gave him a good old-fashioned manshake.

More to come boys and girls

Keep reaping the tears,


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