Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lemming Swarm

So... D'haran Empire, fun bunch of people.
After some shenanigins with a corp whose people think it was funny to canbait one of the newer dudes, thought wed throw a deck for luls against them.

Shortly after we found a Drake, Hurricane Catalyst and some others docked over in Inari, 1 system over from home, how convinient.

Instead of going in full metal rape style with BS or HACs, It was decided that lemming frigates, Meta 0 module fitted tech 1 frigates with an approximate value of the hull + about 50k isk, was to form our fleet.

The fleet was formed, 18 joined, of that 18, 11 assemled on the Inari gate
We jumped in and prepared for the righteous Jihad that was coming.

Upon landing we found that the Hurricane was 60km away, so 3 of us chased him down until he warped off.
Attention was turned towards the drones, which had promptly torn Patch385's brave punisher apart.

During this time i had caught the attention of the catalyst, to my dismay was autocannon fitted so outrunning the trakcing was no option, i disengaged to the nearest celestial, the residing planet and returned to join the fight. Before i landed however the Catalyst had been taken care of.
Myself and Dark tought the pilot to always warp your escape pod upon lsing your ship, the hard way.

Atrosity was the FC for this and made it clear that if anyone was being engaged, they were to disengage and return as the EHP of these ships were... none existant.
Atrosity popped without a chance to escape (a fate that met the majority of the fleet) and went to fetch a new ship so i took over FC duties and kept fire on the drake.

The hurricane appeared twice during the shooting, and after another attempt of attempting to catch it and it running away, Dark managed to snare it with his point and those with microwarpdrives fitted burned over and made mincemeat of the ship, we found out shortly after why the notoriously dangerous battlecruiser crumpled so quickly.
After being in PRONS for a while, the urge to pod people becomes second nature, as the pilot soon found out.

After that 30seconds of hurrs durrs and explosions and myself aquiring a new playmate for my cargohold, we burnedback and assisted the guys who were still dealing with the drake
Due to missiles flying everywhere and ships having the staying power of a shack in a tropical storm, we lost ships however due to being based next door. Reshipping was easy.

Sure enough the drake finially sudccumbed to the might of the lemming frigates and detonated spectacularly. However due to lag and even though i managed to activate my warp disruptor on the pilots pod... i didnt show up as attempting to Violence this capsule :(.

Nevertheless that was a very fun filled engagement, with many a GF exchanged in local and woots + cheers over vent, we looted the field and repped up.

Very shortly afterwards however a Moa undocks, and to our surprise doesnt re approach the station, and shortly afterwards he is bumped off, tackled and violenced without a care for what he was fitted with. Lagg once again preventing me from aquiring an entrance onto the Pod last recorded encounter.

Again we exchanged a GF in local and took a moment to chill as the adrenaline with some of the pilots was still making them jittery over comms :D.

I ran a few locators and my sources told me that a pilot by the name of Braddock1 was in Madirmilire, only a few short hops from home. We set destination and arrived then held in Niarja so our scouts could have a nosey in system and see where he is.

After around 20 minutes of waiting he appeared in station, and at the time things did not look too fruitful, so Patch and Dark, after their help in the prior engagement by holding down targets and removing their bodies from their protective egg decided to call it a night and join the Halo universe.

10 minutes after Braddock1 docked, he undocked in a Hulk and warped to a cluster of celestials containing planets Asteroid belts and stations, with fingers toes and other limbs/appendages crossed knotted and in other weird and wonderful manipulative combinations, he was in a belt, mining ore!!! How splendid!

Without further ado we warped i and said hello, and decided to take out his drones and offer him a ransom in return for his ship, sadly no reply was given so the combat impotent ship he was flying went "poof" as Peniket says... welsh folk i dont know :)

His pod was caught shortly afterwards but however no mail has been posted and no one is in possesion of the mail, I guess the corpse in my cargohold will suffice as evidence for me and those involved to know that said pilot was not let off lightly for his mistakes during a war.

Due to some confusion over the isk lost, it was revealed that Braddock had invested quite a large sum of isk in Tech 2 rigs for his Exhumer, something previously i havent heard of, i bet that must have stung his wallet shortly after his encounter with the lemmings.

After killing around half a billion isk in 3 hours in t1 frigates without around 4 million isk lost in lemmings, I decided to call it a night and logged off, along with a few others from fleet.

It certainly was great fun and i hope to do it again sometime!

2 days later, Yoda, who has a pauchon for Quoting the bible in local during times of smack from War Targets. Found another Hulk a few jumps away from home and subsequently gave him a good old-fashioned manshake.

More to come boys and girls

Keep reaping the tears,


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Back in Business

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jokers and Harlequinns, Bugs and Germs, and any other version of that you can think of....

The None russian sounding Russian is back...

To Bring you up to speed:

I joined PRONS for about a year, and had an incredibly fun times, there were tears of joy, tears of laughter as well as douchefaggotry and ragemails by the bucketload, alas my formal being an asshole to people days are over and back to lowsec i have returned.
Ill hopefully pop up on a few killmails with the former prons members, and i might even re join them in the future for some more fun, who knows?

At the moment, ACRU is where i call home, part of the D'Haran Empire alliance (+10 points for whoever gets the book that was from), we have Wookies, a strange Turkey, The Joker, Arnold Schwartzenegger (dont quote me for spelling), Sean Connery and a myriad of other weird and wonderful things inside and were very keen to share :D

Im probably on a lot of other peoples blogs for just trollfagging in local out of boredom, need to do something to keep you occupied amirite?

Needless to say, ill start reposting as soon as things get interesting, which wont be too long i hope.

Fly Crazy Kids


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Break in the Carebearing

SCORN. formed a fleet with some friends in order to protect a friendly POS belonging to Black Core alliance which had been attacked a few days prior by the War.Pigs. alliance, our job was to cover the carrier group which was busy reparing the Structure. The Op was a great success, mainly due to the War Pigs not returning to finish the Job, still a great turnout and opportunity to work together with some new friends, who we will be hooking up with in the future. O/!

Ive been running missions lately, to sort out my sec status and to earn some lining in my pockets, + allowing LoA's newest memer Al'Drak, to earn some keep too. Ive ran with one of my maelstroms and my CNR, when a few chums of mine were hunting a few marks near a wormhole in Tunudan, needing a break from spanking every outlaw orgonisation there is, i decided to pop down and just into one of my beloved Canes, the Crimson Rose. We ran after them + a Myrmidon for a while but with no avail, so after a long time we found another gang, from Supremacy Inc, a local corp who we have yet to engage with properly, announced there arrival by spiking local and heading to the same Wormhole i was wapring to, promptly i warped away, even with my psychotic tendancies, i knew that engagin there gang solo was Suicide.

We shared intel and noticed said gang had entered the wormhole and were proving to be adequate pains in the backside for Gemin and Varsketis by probing them out repeatedly. we decided we were going to engage them, after around 20 mins of monkeying around deciding what to do.
Their gang consisted of:
+ 2 more unknowns

Our gang consisted of:
Omen Navy issue

We devised tactics and sorted primaries but to our dismay they vanished, with heavy hearts we began to exit the wormhole, however Gemin had located another Wormhole, and upon searching it, found another gang who consisted of :


Snakeboy987, who was flying a Scorpion fitted for EWAR, cursed how he couldnt fit his Battleship through the wormhole and went off to fetch his own Drake, whislt Motininis decided to adopt the typical Rambo approach and go in guns blazing, which we all did, we warped to Gemin at the Wormhole and Jumped through, and i proceeded to call Primaries.

"Primary is Izadao in a Hurricane, Primary is Izadao in a Hurricane, Secondary is Halo Phase in a Celestis, Secondary is Halo Phase in a Celestis, I have points on the 'Cane. Varsk put points on the Celestis and Mot put secondary points on this Hurricane, All drones on the Jaguar."
After around 20 seconds, the Hurricane was Dying, and the Ishtar warped in, Luckily for us, this gang had anchored Bubbles around the wormhole entrance, effectively trapping us, and themselves within the engagement area. Noticing this new arrival i decided to change the plan.
"Primary is still Izadao in the Hurricane, Secondary is now Lilewenn in the Ishtar, Jak and Mot point the Ishtar, Varsk switch points to the Celestis. All drones on the Celestis.
After a further 10 seconds of Shooting, the Hurricane Exploded.

"Primary is Lilewenn in the Ishtar, Primary is Lilewenn in the Ishtar, Secondary Is Halo Phase in the Celestis, all DPS on the Ishtar, drones on the Celestis"
We noticed by this time that the jaguar had burned out of range and warped off, so we resurmed our task of dismantling the Ishtar, who had a mighty Shield tank however under the conbined Firepower of the Gang, it was atomised, to our surprise, our drones managed to chew through Halo's Celestis very rapidly and after some short fireworks we found a pod on the field, However all 3 pilots managed to warp their escape capsules out, Kudos to them.
As we began to loot the jaguar warped back in, heavens knows why but it was promptly Pointed, webbed and destroyed.
After exchanging a "GF" in local and our respect to them for putting up a fight without smacking, we wished them well and left the wormhole for the saftey of low sec, irony?
Snakeboy Cursed as he was sitting in the wormhole but had no warp to as we were already engaged so he missed out on the killmails =(, life goes on.
After we slung up the loot, we bade Gemin, Varsketis and Motininis farewell and hope to see them soon, and all that was left was Jak, Snakeboy, and myself, the former promptly left after finding out his superiors were nearby.

We noticed a few neutrals jump in and a Drake warp to the top belt and was playing with the local pirates, noticing this as bait we decided to spring the trap in order to hopefully get another good fight.
We Vaporised the Drake and a Rook + Kestrel warped in, leaving myself Jammed and Snakeboy still able to fire, I gained lock a few times however it was futile, as a Curse warped in, after a breif synch issue i noticed my shields were gone and so was the majoirty of my armor, I hit my MWD just as the Curse touched me with its neuts, however the Boost gained was enough for me to make it out of the Curses range, and to our surprise the 1st Rook had dissapeared, i promptly Whipped out the Rose and set course for a station in order to repair and swap over to my Typhoon in order to assist Snakeboy, who at this point was going through armor. However i never made it back, as he valiantly fought to the end, and thus came the loss of his Drake.
We congratulated our Foes on a good kill, and they returned in kind, being my usual self i cursed about ECM, and in this case the over use of it, however it was a good kill and credit to them.
We wished them well, then inquired to the dissapearence of the Rook, as myself nor snakeboy managed to kill it, the reply was "God Saved me" which we took down and carried on, they returned the inquiries to add to whether my Hurricane Survived the engagement, and with a large grin on my face they accepted it and left system.

A rather good night, however it goes to show that when your gang goes offline, something is bad to happen, oh well i have some loot to split in order to get Snake a new Drake, its not the end of the world.

A nice return to PvP, and now even more security status to nurture back up XD

SCORN. is moving locations and are in the process of re lcoating, meaning that my time for PVP is not as often as it should be however, i will be back killing soon,

Fly fun New Eden,

PK o/

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Last couple of weeks...

Well the war with Wrecking Shots was a complete clusterf*ck ill throw it out there, different time zones meant that whenever we had a gang they wernt on or they were on in 1s or 2s, and when they were on we were on in 1s or 2s.
They killed off a few of the newwer player but managed to catch myself and Boomer separately,
I was caught by a bait trap, and boomer was caught trying to kill a HIC that pointed him on a gate.
Needless to say we cancelled that war and contract due to severely bad intel, which i later proved as their CEO tried to recruit me.
Check the KB for the spanking we received.
Im not afraid to say it, good shot the the WS guys, was funny how a few of their membners were smacktalking because we wouldnt smacktalk them.

Moving on, its not been all tears, weve killed quite a few, some of which when i havent been on but i cannot cover that.
Weve been forming 10+ man groups around our old home in order to get our gang tactics re nailed down and to get to know the other pilots in the alliance.
Krismata, has being practising his Forte in the arts of killing people flying mining barges, after being a miner himself, he saw the pain and terror the poor asteroids go through daily, and decided to save a few rocks from a Battlehulk, and a Retriever.
On Wednesday, after Kris had christened the day with the blood of a carebear, Myselfand some friends decided to hunt around our old haunts and we found a new Blue and proceded to fleet her.
After a while Taya reported that there was a ferox with Warp Core Stabilisers on running around, and after 45 minutes of warping in and watching the blighter warping out with a smug grin on his face, we caught him, and i hit him with some Energy neuts, and the rest of the gang got point meaning that he was going nowhere, after around 15 seconds the Caldari ship melted.
I noticed the pilots age and opened up a convo, and reimbursed him partly for his loss, and gave him advice on fitting his ship in the future, and then wished him a safe return to high sec.
After an hour or so, more of my Corp frieds logged on and we greeted each other with smiles, and spoke to the alliance members and generally had a good natter.
We fleeted up and Taya reported a Nightmare flown by Pittom, a Veteran of new even was flying around kubinen, so i gave the order for people with ships that they wouldnt mind if they lost them ( as the local antipirates were out and about) to form up in ender on the kubinen gate.
After around 10 minutes or so taya reported that she could not find this nightmare at any celestial and it all went quiet for a minute or so, during this time Talonn Karrde logged and we gave him a warm welcome, Talonn is a veteran Sincarnate member and a brilliant pirate, who has been away for some time. We breifed him on the situation and he brought a new shiny Abaddon to our fleet, greatly boosting our DPS capabilities.
As soon as Talonn landed on the gate with the rest of us, Taya screamed that the Nightmare was on the oposite side of the gate, and seconds later, Jumped through.
As soon as it jumped i shouted "KEEL HEEM!" and the fleet took notice, scramming, Jamming and unloading everything we could into the feared Sansha Ship.
As frightening as the monstrosity is, in the old image of Sanshas Nation, it buckled under our firepower, as we also hit its capacitor with several neutralisers, meaning its tank was severely hampered, otherwise i do beleive it would have taken down a few of us with him.
After around a minute of shooting, the proud ship Detonated.
After much cheering, we all decided to pay our respects to the pilot, who had the grit/guts/balls to fly such an expensive ship, plus its modules, in pvp.
after our Global criminal countdowns expired, and our adrenaline/blood pressue levels returned to normal, we continued the Roam, Welcoming Megabitone to the fleet, Mega has the 5th highest skillpoint amount in electronics in all of New Eden, meaning he is a formidable EWAR pilot.
After some time we located a maller and the fleet engaged and killed it. I wasnt on the Killmail as i was back in tunudan adding some more ammunition to my weapons, and shining my beloved autocannons.
After that event, local in the 3 systems died down, and we decided to move out to Hysera, waving off Talonn as he had to depart again.
Once we reached Hysera we noticed a MegathronNavy issue pilotted by Alchemos, a pilot we have a history with, notably for me the fact i was sitting on a gate still in an EWAR griffin, and he failed to kill me using an Abaddon with Tech 2 Tachyon beam lasers which makes me giggle when i look at the log report from time to time.
2 of our pilots decided to annoy this pilot, and after around 5 minutes he engaged on a station, meaning that he was unable to dock for a minute, after warping the fleet in we proceded to pound on the powerful Gallente ship, which had a very impressive buffer tank.
Unfortunately as the ship was nearing hull, one of his friends in an Archon undocked and proceded to Apply remote armor repairs to the megathron, shortly after being followed by a Sleipnir and other ships coming to his aid, sensing the trap we decided to run, everyone got out, apart from Cpt Omage5, who sadly lost a pilgrim in the engagement.
We received intel on a large Russian Pirate fleet, no doubt annoyed at our hostilities, incoming to hysera so we decided to depart for good from Hysera, however they did manage to Claim a Crusader, belonging to Krismata, over bugged gate issue, as Kris was not aggressed but was not allowed to Jump.
As my eyes grew tired, i decided to call it a night, and so did Axe, as we both made our way to Tunudan, wishing the fleet well and confining ourselves to our Bedchambers.
The fleet Returned to Hysera however and claimed one of the worst fitted Drakes i have ever seen, i was told this abomination Exploded in less than 10 seconds.

The Next day i decided to form the fleet again and go poking around Ender and Tunudan, however nothing arose and we called it a night early, Bamfordi however, managed to Snag a Rupture pilot who according to him put up a rather good fight before his ship vaporised.

The day after, we fleted once more and decided to roam, hoping for targets after Uncle Samm, who also returned to New Eden from a long Haitus, Managed to Kill a Drake in his Ishtar.
Later in the Evening, whilst i was away eating, Snakeboy, Kill and Choconub, a close friend of mine who also Returned to Eden, this must the the week or return =), managed to kill a half Fitted Ferox.

Once i returned, we welcomed Al'Drak, Legion of Ascensions newest member, into the fleet along with Visa, one of our friends from SUTEMOS, Gabriel Cullen from BOPS and Alex Zanda from Sincarnate, who brought a Merlin, Hurricane and a Broadsword.
After much time watching Ender, i decided to pop into Tun and noticed a Neutral raven in space around the second station, warping to it i found out it was a pilot who was new to the area who we had not introduced ourselves to. Noticing it warped to the PLant 9 area, i ordered Fast tackle to go to the planet and its respective asteroid belt, whilst i warped to the Gate.
When i landed i noticed it was on the gate, and approaching from 15 km away, meaning that this pilot was afk and autopilotting through low sec, Big mistake.
Calling the fleet to form its larger ships on me, i set my Typhoon on a Collision course with the Raven, activating my MWD in the process in order to bump the ship further away from gate in order to buy sometime, once the fleet landed we opened fire and the Caldari Ship exploded almost instantly, and reveiwing the Concord Killmail, you'll understand why.
Respect to Al'Drak who provided a warp scramble and some minor damage, sacrificing his brave little merlin in the Process.
I decided to ask a friend for a favour, to haul some modules i needed from AMarr as my security status had dipped below the standard needed to enter the system. and i decided to go and fetch a Cyclone in order to be more flexible and not relying on my typhoon 100% of the time.
During this time Snakeboy reported a Hurricane approaching the same gate as the raven and we opened fire, i was in Tun with my Cyclone hull and tried to engage, but realising i had nothing installed on, i decided to bump the ship, to add insult to injury, the ship held on for around about 20 seconds before breaking apart. Gabriel lost his Punisher to the Gate guns in this fight.
After fitting my newly named Bogbrush, we looked around further and welcomed Iceman91 to the fleet, however nothing happened so we decided to call it a night and i hit the Scratcher.

More to come as we continue to shoot more stuff folks
Fly fun

PK o/

Friday, 9 October 2009

Back home to Yarr

After much time missioning to nuruture my sec status and to fund more ships, aswell as getting further towards my goal of Crystal implants.
I Decided to take a break and have a cruise back down to Tunudan in my trusty Stabber.
Upon arriving Bassie was asking whether his Brutix could take on an unknown Omen backed up by a Blackbird.
I decided to scan them down and have a little recon, i warped in to a belt and they were there, 20km off me to the port side, all of a sudden my electronics die and i find myself unable to warp out, turns out the BB pilot is a little too happy to attack people, so i burn out of range and warp out and tell Bassie to align to the said belt.
I warped in and burned toward the blackbird allowing myself to be a hot drop point for Bassie, my electronics were down yet again, however i say i was being warp disrupted from over 14km away, meaning that they had no scrams so i was safe.
I called for Bassie and he warped in and immediately got to work on annihilating the Blackbird, which survived around 3 volleys before it imploded, Next was his friend, who was using frigate sized guns on the Cruiser, which was hilarious. He died not long after
Needless to say, both ships littered the belt with their Debris for a while.
I decided to dock up and bring out Death's Whisper i havent shown it any TLC for a while.
Upon undocking i noticed a Griffin outside station and he proceded to lock me, and i dared him to shoot, and much to my amazement, he did, so before the Sentry guns could finish him off i decided to throw a volley off my 800mm Repeating love maker IIs at him and claimed a cheap kill.
Afterwards, the Blackbird pilot was bad and proced to microwarp to me and fire on me, unluckily for him, filling his meds with an MWD and a warp distuptor hindered his ability to jam me, meaning that i fired another volley at the poor cruiser and atomised it. Another kill for me ^^
Afterwards i decided to scout the surrounding systems in my Stabber but with no previal until the Blackbird pilot begain to undock in Ibis', and he was muttering saying that i should have died the first time so i releived him of this ship, and his next one, before calling it a night.

The Next Day.....

After a 3 man French gang which consisted of an Ishtar and 2 Drakes repeatedly ran away from my gang, which consisted of my Stabber, an Ishkur, Harbinger and a Thorax, we noticed another drake in the belts, he claimed to be a PvPer and was probably baiting so i decided to warp in and point him for the hell of it, and he found out that his HAMs couldnt hit me, and also his Warrior IIs did nothing to my shields, meaning that he was at my mercy.
After refusing a Random, Dark and Kana proceded to Annihilate the Caldari Vessel, methodically Burning and Blasting peices off with their weapons, which Cleeboy in an Ishkur was zooming around the place, peppering the hull with his Smaller blasters, The Drake, whislt sporting an annoyingly good shield tank, soon melted once it hit armor, and exploded in a pretty blue fashion.

Nothing else happened for the rest of the night, so i hit the Bunk.
Whilst i was dreaming away, Bassie found some poor person salvaging away in a Catalyst class Destroyer, and obliterated it

The Next day....

Myself and Dark were in Tunudan, running around, killing the Rats for a chance of a Dread Gurista spawn, after Snakeboy found one which yielded a Crystal implant for him.
I had to go AFK for the loo and to eat my dinner, whilst Dark played with the locals, and when i return he calmly says that a Typhoon had undocked and Engaged under the sentry guns fire, and that his damage was insignificant. I undocked in Death's Whisper and proceeded to open upon it with my 800mm's despite the Typhoons strong armor, the ducktape fell apart and the ship vaporised, casting some poor gallente fellow across the stars and he was sucked into one of the guns and fired past Dark.
Shortly after i had looted, a Maelstrom had appeared on grid and proceeded to lock me, a quick sift through the Scopes file on the individual revealed him to be the CEO of the Typhoon pilot, and he proceeded to Fire on me, his own 800mm Repeater IIs bouncing off my hefty shield tank, he did not listen to my advice on saving ammo, and the Typhoon pilot proceeds to wapr at range in a Tempest and unload on me with 1400mm Howitzer Artillery IIs, my shields hurt for a brief second, however my shield booster was cycling over 3 times faster than his guns so i tanked for around a minute and docked up.
I asked around for any additional DPS bringers if they could help but with no Avail, until Alliance member Enigma Star says that she can help and she came down and brought 2 of her "associates", im more inclined to say clients but im sure theyre just good friends.
After much playing around with these locals and the sighting of a Boradsword, Dark came to top station and i jumped in Death once more.
The maelstrom pilot proceeded to open up on Dark, missing him entirely and scratching the station with its ordinance, which severely annoyed the owner who ordered the Sentry guns to open up.
At this i undocked and joined the fray again whislt Point Khrom, one of Enigma's friends landed on gird in with a Megathron, shorlty followed by Enigma, who was pilotting a Guardian. Khrom, Myself, Dark and the Sentry guns proceeded to pound the Maelstroms powerful shields, knocking out massive chunks in each successive hit, and after the shields went down, the Magnificant ship's ammo bays Detonated, Ripping the ship in Two.
Upon inspection of the wreck, we found a Dread gurista modified X-Large shield booster, which we have sold and split for 30 mill each.
At this point the Typhoon and Tempest pilot warps on grid, pilotting a Nidhoggur Class Carrier, Noticing that my Maelstrom and Khroms Megathron were almost as big as this carrier, with my Mael being taller. It turned around and warped out the way it came.
I decided to dock, have a shower and hit the Sack, as it was getting late, We exchanged our thankyous and Farewells to Enigma and Khrom, as RobLocksley warps in late, and salvages the Wrecks in his Dominix, had he have been earlier, it would have been overkill for the now deceased Maelstrom, whose wreckage was still discharging electricity.

Thats all for now Folks, SCORN. Have declared war on a Corp called Wrecking Shots over one of our members having a personnal Agenda with said corp, plus some very generous sponsering by a 3rd party client who wishes to stay anonymous.

Stay Tuned and fly Fun

PK o/

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Not a bad night for the Flu...

Sorry i havent posted Lately, ive got the flu and it sucks, coupled with a rare gene defect i have means that im feeling rather sh*tty.

Regardless, and due to my curiosity of then my Skill changed I logged Mr Kreigt on and ran a mission or 2 to get some isk as im after a set of high grade crystals for my Beloved Maelstrom.
After doing worlds collide and moving to salvage in the Serpentis room, to my horror i notice a 5 mill Serpentis Overseer lock and start firing on my little salvaging Cormorant, needless to say i whipped out Tiny and brought back my Raven and soon the Rat ceased to exist, according to eve-survival.com this high bounty rat has a very high chance of dropping faction loot, and upon closer inspection it revealed to me a Snake Epsilon Implant, a Shadow Serpentis Passive explosive plate and some ammo.
After salvaging was finished i popped over to Amarr to place said implant and 2 Low grade Crystals i aquied cheaply on the market for a better than regional price, which still yielded me some profit.

Upon returning to my missioning location i had learned that Kill, and a friend from Vice and Valour Corporation who are Blue with us, had engaged and killed a prophecy but were jumped by an Anti-Pirate corp which resulted in the Loss of Kill's Curse.

Despite this minor set back i decided to Go and look around the system and spotted blues and the odd neut whose ship wasnt worth engaging in my Stabber.

After a while and some AFKing Snakeboy987 Pops on and brings his PVP fitted PVE RAVEN (surprisingly to you all, it didnt have CCC rigs) and we have a chat in the local intel channel as i look around for targets, upon approaching a gate i noticed a 7 man gang sitting on the gate, composed of a Drake, 3 Caracals, a Blackbird, a Maller and an Enyo, the latter of which had Tech-1 Guns which instantly began to annoy me.

All off a sudden this gang jumps into the system i was headed to and immediately disepereses from the Gate, much to my surprise as i thought they would try and kill me.
Snakeboy Decides to Bait and rat in his Raven and i form a fleet, and then Snake Announces he is being attacked by the said gang and requests help, it turns out that he tried to fleet others while i was making the gang so after much confusing i and my part of the gang arrive on scene, late as most of the enemy gang warped out as they found out that Snake was Bait tanking them. (For all who dont know, it is allowing your shields/armor to fall fast to give the impression you can be killled fast, and then kicking in your tank full/overloaded to rep back up and then they realise theyve made a terrible mistake.)
By this time there is only an Enyo Left as the drake supposedly died and the rest of the gang browned their pants and Warped off. Including their Blackbird which astonishes me as that could have severely crippled our response, needless to say Snake had an Enyo tackled which was into Hull so i fired off a few rounds from my Dual-180mm lovemakers as i was in range and saw a killmail =), needless to say, the little Pink spear weilding midget Exploded, and i cursed at the pilot in local for such a poor fitting

As it turns out, the Drake had at least 3 Warp core Stabilisers on, as it escaped our Grasp with 3 points on it. It also explains the insanely long lock time Snakeboy told us.
However i grabbed the loot and threw it in my hangar in a nearby station and we continued looking for targets.

Afterwards i asked snakes gang to dissolve and link with mine, and also fleeted Vark and Visa, who brought an Armageddon and a Rupture, 2 piraste friends of mine who are very handy in a fight.

By this time our Gang consisted of:
Crow (Was AFK)

We noticed a Raven pilot known as "The Guidance" keep undocking and docking back up in a hurry, Naturally Snake asked him for a 1v1 but he declined to his displeasure.

After around 10 mins and much of us being impatient i decided to camp above the station and bump the poor Bugger out of dock range and we all opened fire, some with Balls bigger than our ships were taking big hits from the station guns, but i smelt a kill mail, and pray that the engineer on the jon at this time wouldnt be sucked through the toilet from the G-force increase from my MWD flaring up.
For some weird reason, despite his fitting, this Individual died very fast, my to Mine and Visas liking as we were in cruisers and the guns were looking at us with grins.

After much talking in local and being called disrespectful and me being called a macho man for giving advise, and threats of this "guidance" guys corp coming to escort him out as i made the joke of a 10mill we wont pod you fee. We decided to up our Ship types a notch or 2, which involved me and Visa jumping into some BS.

Unfortunately for me, my BS were 30 jumps away so i hiked over to Amarr to build another Maelstrom for my Work when im in The Citadel.
During this time Mot who brought his Curse, Gemin who brought possibly the weirdest named Drake in my time in eve, and Air Raven who Brought his newly trained and Brought Rook, making our gang Quite foridable.

Upon Return Snake proclaimed the presence of a megathron and drake in Kubinen, but with the Bellum buzz killers (Parabelum-Project) in local we decided against illegally attacking, and we waited for my to haul my shiny ass back to ender.

Funnily enough, all 3 of my implants sold whislt i was in amarr, covering the costs of my Maelstrom and fittings, and giving me 180mill on top of that, so i was a happy chappy.

Our gang now consisted of:


While waiting for a target, Mot snagged an Arazu on a gate whilst Visa snagged her pod and now owns her corpse for his own nefarious passtimes.

Snakeboy was still in Kubinen and was coming back to Ender when he yelled that an Ishtar class HAC was engaging him on a gate, was an unwise move for the pilot as the ishtar is a drone boat and drones pop very fast to sentry guns.

Snake decided to Bait tank him so the Gang can move our now very large BS sized Buttocks into Kub and warp to him while this ishtar we doing some good damage to his fear, meanwhile Snakes Torps were bouncing off the T2 Thermal resists of the Ishtar.

We landed and i got around a shot and a half off before the poor Blighter from the most hilarious named Corp in New Eden was vaporised.

After that i decided to Log and wished the fleet a safe return home and Happy Hunting, while asking Mot to save me the 5 heavy drones that dropped =).

All in all a good night, I christened my Maelstrom; the Deaths Whisper, and it was a nice return to PvP.

Fly fun all.

PK o/

Thursday, 24 September 2009

POS bash and some glorious lewt ^^

Being very bored, Boomer decided to look around some moons in his system and spotted an unarmed POS with 3 large mobile labs active, so we decked the corp, which unfortunately was only 3 man but suspected manufacturing corp of Atlas, and we planned a time for everyone to get together and take it down.

Before Downtime i logged on to check my ammo reserves and cap booster for "just in case" moments, when Kil announced she was shooting it early, so i loaded some regular EMP L into my 800mm repeaters and proceded to undock, knocking a few mining barges out of my way, their pilots keen to hide their frustration as they eyed up my 800mm repeating love makers =)

After about 40 minutes of shooting, the POS was in 2/3 shields and was budging slowly, however downtime was upon us so i anchored a large can with 20k of emp and 100 cap boosters so i can warp straight in the the gan after DT and land some love.

After downtime, and breakfast for that matter, i strolled down the the undocking bay to see my Cohorts prepping their ships for the seige, and noticed 2 of the newer recruits in our training corp, DiusZ and Devistator84 shining up their cruisers for the ops, which made me smile, as they listened to our advice and hadnt rushed into the biggest ship they could find, Instead they chose to buy skills and proceed to train them 1 by 1, with a desired battlecruiser in their minds, a Hurricane and Drake, the are intent on prefecting thier skills before they fly these beautys of creation.

Slentus, was busy dropping ammo and cap boosters around before hopping in his stealth bomber.
At 1:10pm eve time, we proceeded to warp to the POS and hug the shield, pounding on it with our gang, beneath the heavy sounds of cannon fire being thrown out from my autocannons and my gang mates lasers and torpedo batteries, we could hear the sounds of heavy missile launchers and light artillery cannons trying to get a foothold in this sound contest.

After around 30 minutes of shooting, and to our disappointment, the Tower prceeded into reinforced mode, where it would stay for 9 hours, so the time was set, and i hit the sack for some shuteye and payed a visit to my angel, whom ive sorely missed.

Once back on and Plugged into black heart, we proceeded to wait for the rest of the reinforcment timer to expire and we restarted the barrage, after around 20 minutes we had an armor bleed through and then things sped up as chunks of the tower were falling off and the unfortunate maintanence staff were sucked out and flash frozen, awaking in a nearby station with "chills" so to speak.
With some of our members from the previous hit unable to make it due to their sleeping habits or other factors, we worked slower than we would have oped but this POS would be destroyed for sure.
Within 20 minutes of the armor bleed, the Tower was listing to one side as its hull was penetrated, Now Amarr control towers have a knack for having 99% resists to all damage types on its hull, which would seem to slow us down, however it didnt, and it proceeded to be annihilated almost as fast as the armor, as the tower started to bend and fracture down the middle.
30 long minutes later we were rewarded by an amazing flash of light and then a huge explosion, which tore the once majectic tower apart. rocking our ships and spilling my Freshly poured Glass of Kriek onto the floor, which Wiggles, the ships dog quickly because intoxicated from.

With the tower gone we eyed up our origional target, the labs, which would sell for a pretty penny once they were "aquired", The unanchoring process began with haulers en route to pick them up, as i grabbed my own hauler and removed my can with over half of my ammo left in and all of my cap boosters, much to my surprise.

Once these labs were in Kills Hangar, with much surprise she announced that there was an estimated 6 to 10 billion isk worth of researched BPOs, a Tempest, Typhoon, Cyclone, Hurricane, Drake, Myrmidon, Thorax and Blackbird to name them.

All members of the Op received a Copy of a BPO of their choice, however, being able to fly all of the ships on offer fully t2, i havent made up my mind, any help?

A successfull op to say the least, with our recruits thoroughly enjoying it, and a good turn out from all parties, meaning that the bond between us is gorwing even stronger.

The day after i noticed a war target in local, and being only 2 hours of the war left i decided to Hop into Titch, my beloved Ishkur and have a scout, at first i warped to the POS location in a shuttle, to make sure Titch wasnt going to land in a trap, and the target was there, in a minmatar shuttle, so after grabbing titch and fitting him with a Sensor booster and long range warp disruptor i proceeded to warp to the location, and snag the shuttle before it could warp and afterwards the Pod, adding a new Corpse to my Collection.

After reveiwing the Kill concord had recorded for me, i found, to my dismay, that a 500mill Dominix BPO was destroyed in the Shuttle, which annoyed me slightly that i decided to mail the Ear of the corpse back to the origional owner, with a revse charged mail service for added value.

We have a new target planned, but thats for another time.
Stay tuned for more folks.
Fly safe, but not too safe.

PK o/